Lit is Lit is a biweekly comedy podcast all about literature. We explore poetry, prose, short stories, literary movements, and more! Tune in every other Monday for new episodes!

The hosts of Lit is Lit are Abby Scadden and HR Bumgarner, two nerds who would rather be reading right now. They write and perform the show, and they’re honestly just excited to be here.

The editor/actual wizard for the show is Julie Tran. She’s a force of nature and beloved by all. Who is she. How does she do it. We’re shook.

The creative team is Will Robertson and Alex “Bones” Niederberger. Bones composed the music for the show and Will designed our logo. They’re also always there for moral support and creative input. Thanks guys!

Special thank you to the Media, Film, & Journalism Studies department at the University of Denver for allowing us to use the Mass Communications Building and their equipment. Without which, we wouldn’t be able to record our show.